Manifesting Joy 2020: Planner Workshop

Manifesting Joy 2020: Planner Workshop

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A Planner Workshop

with Jasiatic Anderson & Kelley Palmer 

"Within all of us is a divine capacity to manifest and attract all that we need and desire."  -Wayne Dyer


At any moment we can begin to harness the creativity and tools available to create the life we need and desire. 

We have been told that success means many things. Much of those narratives have led to our stress, sadness and suffering.

An awakening is unfolding that reconnects us to the importance of centering our joy. 


It is a practice to center our joy in a word that asks us to separate from the most sacred and divine parts of ourselves. 

We have what we need to do it, sometimes we just need reminders, community and invitations to do it. 


Join us for the space to connect, imagine and set intentions. 

Whether focusing on personal, spiritual or professional expansion, we are holding space for you to honor and lean into your power to create whatever you desire. 


What to Expect:


Guided Meditation

Self Study Journaling

Guided work to make a plan for 2020

Delicious Vegan Food

Rich Community 



Vegan Nacho bar that includes: 
Pollo (mock)
Chorizo (same)
Refried pinto
Cashew sour cream
Lime crema 
Chz sauce
Pickled onion
And more


What to Bring:

an open heart

a 2020 calendar/planner