Infinite: Yoga + Vision Book Offering

Infinite: Yoga + Vision Book Offering

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Infinite: yoga + vision book offering

with Tiya Caniel & Kelley Carboni-Woods

"In a world of infinite possibilities, there is no space for the impossible."

Our collective intention is powerful. We have everything we need to create a life filled with joy and peace.


limitless or endless in space, extent, or size; impossible to measure or calculate.
"the infinite nature of space"
synonyms: Boundless, unlimited, limitless
As the new year approaches, we have the responsibility and opportunity to tune in to the power we have to create in our lives.
We can decide what we want, align our intention and create first in our minds that which we desire.
Join Tiya Caniel & Kelley Carboni-Woods for this unique opportunity to create vision books as sustainable tools for a new year filled with more intention, joy and ease. We will dig into the limits we have placed on ourselves and our visions. We will develop our connection to joy, love and abundance. We will develop our beliefs around deserving a rich and fulfilling life.

What is included?

Guided Meditation and Breathwork

Self Study & Journaling exercises

a Vegan lunch

Herbal tea

All vision book supplies

How much is this going to cost me?

Tickets are $125

What should you expect?


Tiya & Kelley came together for this sacred time to create the space needed to focus on what infinite possibilities look like in our own lives. By stepping into a space of openness, discovery and creativity we are embodying the practice of the yoga principle of #Dharana or the ability to bring the mind into focus and to hold the concentration on a single point. By leaning into who we want to be, what we want to do and what we desire we cultivate the intention of gaining new perspectives, reaffirming our true nature and grounding ourselves in our collective power to create anything we want in 2019. We gathering in a small group with only 10 spots available.

Using the power of yoga, meditation, self study and creativity we will explore our own limits, build community, release old pattrens and tap into our power.

Join us for a time to re-imagine, turn inward and step into the infinite possibilities of our lives.

Step Into Infinite Possibilities