Peace Filled Mama Playshop 3/23/2019

Peace Filled Mama Playshop 3/23/2019

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Motherhood is a journey we do not have to travel alone. We can find links to peace, joy and ease through out the days. Join Kelley Carboni-Woods for a unique experience in connecting to community and finding the links between our yoga practice, power to create peace and motherhood, on and off the mat.

This "Play-shop" is open to all mothers of children unborn, little, big and adult. We will build community, connect to our breath, find gentle movement and cultivate tools to continue to practice off of the mat. Our children are invited into the space with us regardless of age. YES, you can bring your baby, your belly, your toddlers, your big kids, tweens, teens or adults. This intimate workshop is centered in grounding our practice in the reality of our unique responsibility, at every stage, making an affirming environment for little and big humans.

We often think of a yoga practice as a quiet, sacred practice away from the excitement, energies and moods of our children. That is not reality for most, so we will explore what the practice looks like. This offering asks us all to be in community and provides a front row seat to our children of us practicing wellness, being connected to our self care and connecting in sisterhood. It is from this place we become an example of peace filled living.

This offering includes:

- gentle affirming physical practice

- self study and group discussion

- introductions to chanting, breath and mantra use with our children and for ourselves

- sharing of tools to keep us connected to our peace

- light refreshments

Each ticket includes mama and up to two children under 18

Meet me at One Santo Wellness, Charlotte NC