Bloom Dinner Ticket

Bloom Dinner Ticket

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Join us monthly for a unique vegan dining experience in an authentic commuity of women.

We will curate a space to discuss topics, listen to each other's stories, lift one another and cultivate community.

Through thoughtful group discussion, story circles and sharing a delicious meal we will take time to be present and open.

We will explore practices around intention, breathwork and self study.


May Topic:

Feminine Sensuality 

What stories do you hold about your sensuality?

In what ways do you wish to deepen your connection to your sensuality?

How do you honor yourself?


What Should you expect?

to leave nourished, and not just by the food.

to feel connected to other women across our differing perspectives

to establish new patterns of understanding and love for ourselves


We will spend time exploring the power of our breath and gain better understanding of ourselves through gentle, intentional movement.